Summer Jazz Night: live jazz by the pool

 Friday, July 25th 

A new appointment with good music at Residenze Myrsine: after the enchanting experience of last season again a concert with jazz musicians at the highest level in the wonderful evening atmosphere of the complex.

 summer jazz night poster

Three artists from Turin, Sonia Schiavone, vocalist, Gianni Virone, sax, and Enzo Fornione, piano, will perform a wonderful live music concert, without boundaries of genre, from classical to jazz.

 sonia schiavone virone fornione

The evening – Friday, July 25th – will be organized by Residenze Myrsine with the support of Supermercato Turchese that will also offer a sparkling aperitif by the pool of the complex.

Do not miss : Friday, July 25th

 21 pm, free entrance.

How to reach Residenze Myrsine :


From Olbia follow signs to the airport direction, at the airport roundabout continue south on the SS 125, towards PORTO SAN PAOLO and SAN TEODORO; at MURTA MARIA village turn left at sign Residenze Myrsine / Marina Maria beach.

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